10 Signs You Might Be More Intelligent Than You Realize

People are often hesitant to admit they don’t know something, thinking they’ll come off as less smart if they do so. Yet, the truth of the matter is that people who don’t refrain from being self-critical and self-aware are usually far more intelligent.

The logic behind this is quite simple. Smart people fully embrace their shortcomings as they understand you can never know everything; that is, there’s always something new to learn. If this is something you can relate to, let’s look at some other signs that you might be smarter than you realize.

You’re Inquisitive

If knowing there’s always something new to learn means you’re more intelligent, then, by the same pattern of logic, aspiring to learn more means the same thing. To back this up, plenty of research on the topic has confirmed a positive correlation between inquisitiveness and higher levels of IQ.

In other words, the more curious of a person you are, the higher the chances you are more intelligent. What is implied here by curiosity pertains not only to everyday peculiarities, but also philosophical questions that often have no definite answers to them.

You Can Finish Other People’s Sentences

It’s always best to let the other person communicate their thoughts in their way and refrain from interrupting them. With that being said, if you sometimes have to fight the urge to finish other people’s sentences, and you can distinguish what the other person wants to communicate before they’ve even said it, it’s a sure sign that you are insightful and empathetic. In other words, you have a high level of one of the many, equally relevant types of intelligence – emotional intelligence.

You’re high in Self-Control

Smart people tend to have a pronounced control over their feelings, thoughts, and actions when faced with impulses and temptations. In a 2009 study conducted at Yale, psychologists tried to stipulate a correlation between self-control and intelligence. The participants had to take an IQ test in exchange for money. Simple, right?

Well, not exactly as there was a catch. Participants could opt for immediate, smaller payment or wait out, and get paid a higher sum of money. After the study was finished, the analysis of the results revealed that the participants who chose the latter option tended to score better on their IQ tests, thus proving a positive correlation between self-control and intelligence.

You’re Broad-Minded

Another characteristic often observed in intelligent people is being broad-minded. Such people tend to analyze things from multiple perspectives rather than readily adopting opinions as absolute. They thoroughly consider several alternatives before formulating their beliefs and opinions.

Moreover, they avoid making generalizations, and they abstain from accepting stereotypes and prejudices. Having such a mindset allows them to be welcoming toward different ideas and concepts, which ultimately supplement their awareness and add to their intelligence.

You’re Creative

If you have a knack for coming up with innovative ideas or creative solutions to problems, it’s an indisputable sign of your intelligence. Creativity is one of the highest expressions of intelligence as it demands you to step outside the box and adjust your thinking patterns according to a given task. Moreover, intelligent people tend to skillfully translate unique ideas into reality, which is a skill that takes more than being book smart.

You’re No Stranger to Procrastination

Yes, even though you might see procrastination as a terrible habit, it turns out that putting off work and doing it at the last minute might actually be a sign of intelligence. Studies have shown that procrastinators are more likely to ponder over things, rather than opting for the simplest solution. They also prefer spending time on tasks they see as more important, while delaying those that they perceive as trivial.

You Can Ignore Distractions

If you don’t mind working while the music is playing or while your next-door neighbors are renovating the apartment, you’re in luck! As it turns out, people who can concentrate for lengthy periods and block out the distractions might be more intelligent. Thus, if you’re not an easily distracted person, and you can keep your focus on what’s relevant while filtering out the things that aren’t, it’s might be a sign of a higher intellect.

You Can Make Unapparent Connections

If you can make out connections and patterns that others can’t, you probably have an exceptional eye for detail and excellent associative abilities, both of which signify a sharp intellect. Making connections between ostensibly unrelated topics requires abstract thinking and a lot of creativity. What is more, this ability also points to a very conceptual, and open mind, which can discern patterns at a fast rate, and seemingly, in everything.

You Don’t Mind Being Alone

Research has shown that highly intelligent people don’t have a problem with being alone, and it doesn’t make them feel bored or anxious. They are individualistic and feel comfortable with their own company as they derive satisfaction from socializing to a lesser extent than other people.

Essentially, human intelligence has plenty of aspects to it; however, there are some common characteristics and patterns of behaviors that can be recognized in highly intellectual individuals. Therefore, be sure to look out for them as you might be a lot smarter than you realize.

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