Astrology: Understanding Your Big Three

You might be aware of your sun sign. However, for some reason, you don’t really feel like it. You might have also read about astrologers claiming that you are more than what your sun sign is. But, what does this mean in the first place?

Your astrological DNA consists of your birth chart with several planetary placements and not only the sun. As a human being, you are multifaceted and this is reflected by your unique chart. There are no two same charts in the entire world.

Understanding Your Big Three: Your Moon, Rising, and Sun Signs

The big three or the three pillars of your personality are your moon, rising, and sun sign placements. You can use a birth chart calculator or consult an astrologer to help you know yours. Below is a quick overview of your big three.

Your Moon Sign

The moon is a representation of your instinctual reactions, internal world, and emotions. It also indicates the needs of your inner child to feel nurtured since the moon represents your relationship with your mother.

This is basically who you become comfortable with in particular situations or when you are together with your family or friends. It is a very essential placement when it comes to your home, friendships, marriage, and relationships.

You might identify with your moon sign more depending on your birth chart. Compatible moon signs indicate a deeper relationship in which the two parties know how the other expresses themselves. This makes you feel at home.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant

Also called the ascendant, the rising sign can be determined by the astrological sign located on eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Its placement is what determines your personality, appearance, and the way you present yourself to the external world.

It is also how you come across on the first time people meet you. Your rising sign’s planetary ruler and its placement in the chart are important as well. It determines how you focus your energy and attention in life.

Your Sun Sign

The sun is another layer of your astrological makeup. This represents your path in life, ego, and the way you shine during this lifetime. Knowing the placement of the sun in your birth chart can determine your personal challenges as well as your strengths.

There are people who become their sun sign much later in life since the moon and rising signs are instinctual and habitual energies. When your sun sign is in the similar sign as your moon or rising sun, the sun’s traits are felt and expressed more naturally.

You find it less challenging to follow your calling and become the person you were born to be. When your energies are conflicting, you might not really feel like your sun sign.

Knowing and understanding your big three will be able to help you understand yourself on a much deeper level. Tap into your moon sign’s power to heal, harness your sun’s energy to achieve, and take advantage of your rising sign to walk the world with more strength.

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