Human Relations

What is More Important: Professional Qualities or Fitting Personality?

The debate as to which is more important – a fitting personality or professional qualities – is one that has been going on for years. There are people who didn’t succeed in life despite their outstanding professional qualities. On the … Read More

Why Social Dynamics and Communication Skills Are So Important

Social dynamics and communication skills are two vital aspects in this fast-changing environment. Social dynamics refers to the behavior of individuals or groups that are a result of our interactions with other people, members of a group, virtual interactions, etc. … Read More

How does Economic Stability Impact a Person’s Social Life?

In the complex web of modern existence, it’s undeniable that money profoundly influences every facet of our lives, encompassing not only our well-being and health but also our overall life satisfaction and self-esteem. Yet, one aspect that might be often … Read More

Power without Love is Dangerous: Navigating the Delicate Equilibrium Between Strength and Compassion

Amidst the tapestry of human history, one undeniable thread has woven itself through time—the unceasing allure of power. This force, coveted and feared in equal measure, has driven mankind’s pursuits, assuming various guises and trajectories. Yet, the means by which … Read More

ABC’s of Attitude and Motivation: Unlocking Peak Performance

Motivation is the heartbeat of productivity, and attitude is the compass that directs it. In the journey of personal and professional growth, the intertwining of attitude and motivation can be a formidable force. A splash of optimism can do wonders, … Read More

The Importance of Empathy in HR

The ability to comprehend and share the feelings, viewpoints, preferences or thoughts of another person. Empathy allows us to build social connections and to respond appropriately to the needs of other people.  2018 State of Workplace Empathy study found that … Read More

Human Resource Management – Concept, Meaning and Definition

The meaning of human resource and its differentiation from the term human resources is something that confuses many people. Human resource definition, according to Cambridge dictionary states the following: “people, when considered as an asset that is or can be … Read More

Interpersonal Conflicts vs. Attraction

Social conflict happens when parties oppose each other in social interaction and when each uses social power with reciprocity to reach incompatible goals, and in doing so, prevents the other from reaching their own. On the other hand, when we … Read More