Five Common Misconceptions about IQ and Intelligence

Intelligence is inherent, and every gifted individual is “eccentric”. These are examples of some of the widely-held notions about intelligence and intellectually gifted people. However, intelligence is a highly controversial and complicated topic, and many assumptions about intelligence are, in … Read More

Are Intelligence Tests Biased?

In our contemporary society, the value placed on intelligence is undeniable, both in economic and cultural terms. From the earliest stages of education, we are instilled with the idea that intelligence is quantifiable, often represented by numerical grades, which we … Read More

Geniocracy – the Theory and Practice of Intelligent Governance

Imagine a world without violence, hunger, and suffering in which human purpose is not found in work, but fulfillment. It sounds excellent, doesn’t it? Well, it’s also a vision of the world conveyed by Raël, the founder of Raëlism, who … Read More

The Importance of Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence, often referred to as verbal-linguistic intelligence, is a prominent facet of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. This theory suggests that individuals possess varying degrees of intelligence across different domains, and linguistic intelligence is one such domain. In … Read More

Why Intelligent People Have A Hard Time Finding Love

When BBC Internet survey participants (119,733 men and 98,462 women) were asked to choose from a list of 23 traits those they considered most important in a relationship or a partner the traits that ranked highest were: intelligence, humour, honesty … Read More