Fashion Through Mass Media and Social Networks

Speaking of fashion, especially in recent times, we always somehow collocate it to fashion magazines, glossies, and other exclusive newspapers whose central point of interest is fashion itself. Every fashion event such as fashion week or show is inevitably covered by the press and media. The whole one branch of media is dedicated exclusively to fashion. So, as for instance politics and economics have their own magazines, fashion owns them too. Even the magazines and newspapers which are generally not narrowly tied to fashion, almost always provide its readers with certain “fashion corner” or similar. 

To start with, notable fashion magazines are certainly Cosmopolitan (USA), Elle (France), Harper’s Bazaar (USA), Grazia (Italy), and of course, Vogue (USA) which can be further divided as British Vogue, Vogue China, Vogue India, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, etc. There are numerous other magazines, but these are certainly the most prominent ones. Each country has their own magazines dedicated to fashion, but the leading roles are undoubtedly pursued by fashion giants like the USA, the UK, France, and Italy. These magazines are obviously covering topics relevant to the world of fashion such as the latest fashion trends, news from the runway, interviews with designers, and so on. Their target audience are women.

In the latest years, the role of social media in the fashion industry is of significant importance. Fashion designers and retailers use this unique opportunity as a fast and effective direct access to their costumers offering them their services and products available even on social networks. Brands present online can be perceived as an online human voice and can be used as a tool for advertising free of charge all around the world. Community and PR managers of fashion brands are using social media platforms smartly in order to promote their content, so they are tweeting, posting and updating their profiles on a daily basis. They are posting videos, commercials, off scene posts, etc. just to get closer to the customer. At the same time, they are creating a special bond with the customer, the communication between the brand and its target audience is clear and fast, and everything is characterized by the general availability. 

Social media is not only a marketing strategy but also observes and anticipates fashion behaviour and its direction of development. All of it creates an interconnection between the product and the brand behind it, and the customer who is supposed to buy it. As a result, using social media platforms in the fashion industry has been beneficial for business expansion in a completely interactive environment. 

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