Hidden Messages in Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

The whole world is very much familiar with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll as it has great influences on literature, cinema, and even psychology.

While it seems that the novel caters to innocent kids, many people have been engaged in heated discussions on whether it is really meant for children or if it is actually crafted for adults. These debates might have spurred from the hidden messages embedded in this popular children’s story.

The Growing and Shrinking Alice Signifies Different Things

Alice shrinks or grows in the story every time she drinks a certain mixture or eats a cake. Although the text didn’t explain these body changes, people guessed that this episode has a hidden meaning.

Some claim that the changes in Alice’s body are similar to how a teen’s body changes during puberty. Others, such as astronomers, associate the character with universe’s expansion. And not to forget, hallucinogenic substances are something that should also be considered.

Alice Also Becomes a Sinner Like Eve

Alice’s adventures begin in an idyllic quiet garden reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. But instead of biting into an apple, she fell into a rabbit hole and entered a world that made her go through incredible changes. The theory behind this seems logical enough. Kids are innocent but the moment she fell into the hole, she became a sinner – as she entered the puberty world. 

There are Freudian Symbols Including Caterpillars, Doors, and Keys

As Freudian theories rose to popularity all over the world with Alice’s Adventures turning out to abound with gynecological symbols, Freud’s fans tried to decipher the meaning behind caterpillars, doors, and keys mentioned in the tale. However, this theory might not be all that convincing since these symbols can be seen everywhere as long as we want to see them. 

The Red Queen’s Pig is a Representation of an English King

It is believed that the tale of Alice in Wonderland alludes to the War of the Roses filled with betrayal, scheming, and piles of chopped heads similar to the tale. The baby that transformed into a pig represents Richard III whose sigil was a white boar.

The White Rabbit’s Poem was the Writer’s Love Secret

Many researchers have studied the strange connection between Alice Liddell, the main character’s prototype and Lewis Carroll, the writer of the story. There is a poem in chapter 12 where the tale’s interpretation becomes one of the most sensitive moments.

It was believed that once the girl would get older, the writer would marry her. But he had a disagreement with Mrs. Liddell and since then never saw the family members again.

Carpenter and Walrus Represent Jesus and Buddha

The twin brothers Tweedledum and Tweedledee read a poem to Alice that told the story about Carpenter and Walrus. Interpretations of the poem state that Walrus is the elephant Ganesha or Buddha because he is happy and fat while Carpenter directly refers to Jesus’ profession. 

While it seems that Alice in Wonderland has many hidden messages and different interpretations, many are still trying to find new ones and shed some brighter light on their theories. Are you one of them? Did you also find some other hidden messages in Alice in Wonderland?

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