How Photo-Editing Harms Our Body Image

Do you always feel the need to edit your selfies first before posting them online? Is social media starting to have negative effects on your body image? Well, don’t worry because you are definitely not alone.   

With all the different applications for photo editing and all sorts of filters available online, it has become easier and simpler than ever before to take that perfect and flawless selfie. It only takes a few seconds to achieve that beautiful makeup, unblemished skin, and gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, in recent years, photo-editing has become an unhealthy and damaging obsession for some people – and those that look up to them.

People’s obsession with their on-screen appearance has significantly changed how doctors interact with their patients as well as the challenges such people bring to their attention.

Professionals said that while it is only normal for patients to be hostile towards their appearance, the concerning thing here is an increasing number of individuals with a dysmorphic disorder has begun to appear. This disorder occurs when a person gets preoccupied with an imagined physical imperfection and he or she will do anything to change it. 

Experts said that it is important to always keep in mind that the things you see on your smartphone, laptop, or computer are not always the reality. The truth of the matter is that even your selfie camera does not capture your true self. In fact, a recent study has revealed that the human nose can appear up to 30% larger in selfies.  

Despite, or because of using filters, a lot of people tend to believe that their appearance is worse than it really is. They also place more attention on it more since they get subjected to imagery hundreds or even thousands of times a year through various social media platforms.

Protect Your Mental Health – Don’t Let Photo Editing Change You

There is no denying that a healthy body image is critical for your mental health. Studies have revealed an increase in body dissatisfaction is connected to psychological distress and poorer quality of life. It includes more chances of symptoms of depression combined with the risk of unhealthy eating disorders and eating behaviors.  

However, there is a serious and increasing issue in society that prevents many people from building up a healthier image of their body. And it stems from – dare to guess? Image editing apps.

While traditional media has photo editing for the longest time, it is only just recently that it has become more accessible and available for everyone. Today, in just a matter of clicks, you are able to easily change your appearance – sometimes way beyond recognition. 

This is a two-fold problem. This behavior is not only dangerous to the person who edits their own pictures – but it can also harm the person that consumes that image. This forms an unattainable and unrealistic ideal of beauty that can fuel a sense of inadequacy for an entire generation.

Experts say that if you ever find yourself getting obsessed with your appearance, it might be best to put social media on a pause. They also recommend talking to a professional about how you feel.  

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