Is the Digital Generation Going to Be Smarter or Dumber?

Too much of anything is always bad and comes with consequences. It is the exact thing that is happening right now with the rise of technological advancements here and there. 

While technology has made people’s lives easier and simpler, over-dependence has brought about some not-so-good effects.

The million-dollar question is: will the digital generation become smarter or dumber?

Take a look at how today’s digital generation is starting to fall behind because of too much reliance on technology for pretty much everything they do:

Technology Has Turned People into Modern-Day Insomniacs

Most of the kids these days already have access to devices, including smartphones and tablets. It means that starting from an early age, they are already glued to their devices until nighttime. Unfortunately, the use of gadgets can wreak havoc in their young brain. It translates to more screen time well past their bedtime.

Studies even revealed that these devices emit blue-enriched light that can suppress the melatonin production at night that can cause a disruption on their usual sleep cycle. It leads to not getting enough sleep, resulting in decreased focus, information retention, and foul mood.

Google Does All the Remembering, Not Your Brain

People have now relied too much on Google more than they really should. With the ease of access to almost all information, you know how and where to find it, but you hardly remember what the actual information is. 

Everything that you need is now available at your fingertips so you can just go back and search it repeatedly with no need for you to remember it at all. Indeed, the internet has changed how the brain works. You can simply use Google to sync your contacts so you don’t have to bother remembering them when your phone’s data gets lost or erased.

It’s Easy to be Distracted

Survey revealed that most of the students right now tend to be more distracted than the students in the past. In fact, it was discovered that technologies end up distracting students instead of helping them with their academics. 

The same thing goes for not only students but even for adults. Constantly checking your phone in the middle of an important meeting or opening several tabs can make it hard for you to focus. The digital generation is always distracted all the time without really being present in the moment.

Spelling Has Become a Difficult Ordeal 

If there is no autocorrect feature, can you confidently spell out words? A world where autocorrect doesn’t exist will be a typo-filled world. People’s grammar and spelling skills are now gone and they are usually left embarrassed if not for technology. Autocorrect and spell-check features have made the digital generation lazy, incompetent, and dumb.

As the virtual world is starting to replace the real world, it is easy to see that drastic changes are coming. This is why it is always in your best interest to harness the power of technology to make yourself better instead of getting sucked into the black hole of dumbness.

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