10 Life Skills Not Taught in School

Most schools today tend to focus on theoretical knowledge alone without necessarily honing their students into well-rounded individuals.

Now more than ever, students should learn skills that are beyond those that are taught within the four walls of a classroom.

The following are the 10 basic life skills not taught in school but should be, especially today.

1. Basic First Aid or Human Survival Kit

Can you imagine how the world would be different if everyone had basic first aid knowledge? Whether in cases of simple bleeding during a school activity or a serious road accident, lives can be saved if people know how to perform basic tests, stop bleeding properly, or lift patients.

2. Internet Rules

Kids who live in the modern digital world learn to chat practically before they can even speak. Thus, everyone needs to learn internet rules as well as the dangers and upsides of online apps, games, and social media.

3. Feminism

Feminism has been used so much online that it has now become irrelevant, and the main reason behind this is the lack of education about it in schools. Children can unconsciously or consciously see gender stereotyping when they enter the real world.

4. Opening Bank Accounts and Transferring Money

This one isn’t about major finance or stocks but just the basic process of how to open bank accounts and transfer money. It is extremely important nowadays as the world quickly moves towards digitization. With all the different available platforms for financial transactions on the market, these skills should be taught in schools to ensure that people don’t make costly mistakes.

5. Identifying Your Real Passion

Probably one of the most important skills that students should learn is how to determine their real passion in life. Instead of simply going with the flow and following where the rest of the crowd goes, they should learn to pinpoint what they are passionate about for them to truly succeed in life.

6. Proper Maintenance of Basic Hygiene

Personal hygiene maintenance includes some basic life skills such as washing your hands properly, using the toilet, ironing clothes, eating with etiquettes, and more. While there are schools that take steps to teach their students these things, most still fail to include such skills in their curriculum.

7. Household Maintenance or Repairs

Do you know how to change the bulbs in your home or fix a leaking pipe? These are basic skills that should also be taught in schools. Children also need to learn basic cleaning skills while being encouraged to lend a hand to their parents when it comes to doing household chores.

8. Taxation and All Its Relevant Areas

All people need to file for taxes, but some don’t have the slightest idea how to do it. Many adults have a hard time filing for taxes that they hire professionals to do it for them.

9. Time management

Efficient management of your 24 hours is the secret to a successful life. Learning how to be productive and organized is something that everyone needs regardless of their career or profession choice.

10. Understanding Student Loans

Loans are not rocket science, especially if you know how they work. Student loans should be part of the curriculum of schools to make the process easier for both students and their parents.

Hopefully, these basic life skills will soon all be taught in schools to make life outside of its walls and adulthood easier for everyone.

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