8 Most Shocking Modern Technology Inventions Majority of People Still aren’t Aware Of

There are some modern technology inventions that probably sounded too strange on paper the first time they were coined but became more plausible with the passing of time and were finally brought to life in the recent years. Many of these inventions are known to the majority of the population, and yet, several shocking ones exist – with most people not even knowing.

Read on below to discover some of the most out-of-this-world creations:

1. The Butter Stick

The butter stick is probably the best example of an unheard-of invention. Spreading butter on bread can be a serious pain even at the best of times. This is especially true if you have only taken it out of your fridge.

To lessen this rather serious first world problem, an inventor took inspiration from the traditional glue stick and used it on butter. The borrowing of the applicator technology ensures that you won’t have to worry about how to spread butter ever again.  

2. The Flask Tie

Who would have thought that you can blend a drinking apparatus with your office attire? The Flask Tie is a very ingenious solution to an issue that might not necessarily require solving. This product does exactly what its name suggests. It is a tie that works as a flask. On the surface, it looks like your usual tie but the difference lies in the fact that you can use it to keep your drink inside. Now, that is what happy drinking is all about!

3. The Glass Toaster

It is not always easy to toast bread. Unless your toaster is a high-end one, even a few seconds will surely make a big difference in the quality of your toast. You might either end up with burnt remains of your slice of loaf or a piece of bread that is only slightly warm. The Glass Toaster eliminates this issue because it will put the slice of bread in the middle of two heated glass plates. It lets you watch your bread in real-time as it magically transforms into a delicious toast.

4. The Hug Me Pillow

Another unheard-of invention made for those who are nursing a lonely heart, the Hug Me Pillow is perfect for those who became single not too long ago or those who are already tired of being alone in their bed. This pillow is exactly as you imagined it to be. It has the shape of a half human torso with one arm wrapping around you to keep you company while you sleep.

5. The Nubrella

If your good old umbrella leaves you soaking wet during a rainstorm, worry no more because the Nubrella is now here to give you the same protection as your regular umbrella while your hands remain free.

A rather huge invention, the Nubrella will not only protect your shoulders and head from rain because this also looks quite trendy.

6. The Two-Way Toothpaste Tube

This is yet another invention that you probably haven’t heard of. The Two-Way Toothpaste Tube is here to solve to the long-standing issue of using up every last bit of toothpaste in a tube. You can now finally say goodbye to having to roll up and squeeze up the tip of each tube when brushing your teeth. It is a truly one of a kind invention that will add another cap to the other tip.

7. Corner Picture Frames

Is your wall at home starting to run out of space for putting up all of your family photos? So, why not look to the corners, then?

Corner Picture Frames could be the home decoration that you probably didn’t realize you needed. This invention can make a big difference between your regular picture wall and a legendary one.

Similar to your traditional picture frames, these are a breeze to install and are guaranteed to showcase your treasured photos and artwork pieces.

8. The P&P Waste Paper Processor

The last but definitely not the least invention that many people are not yet aware of is none other than the P&P Waste Paper Processor. It basically works through the use of old waste paper inserted to the feed slot.

It is then drawn in, rolled then compressed before a stick of graphite or pencil lead is sandwiched right at the center. A small amount of glue is then added for everything to stick together.

After a cycle has been completed, there is a brand new spanking recycled paper pencil that will be ejected from its side. There are no clear details as to how many pieces of paper are required for each pencil but it will surely let you save some money in office supplies throughout its lifetime.

This is definitely a pretty neat invention which is also quite eco-friendly

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