The Secret to Love Is Just Kindness

With the history that dates back to the times of the scholars of ancient Greek, the Golden Rule that tells you to treat others just as how you want them to treat you is a unique concept that will let you reap great rewards in your relationships when practiced properly. It also means that when you help others, you also help yourself, improve your mood, strengthen your confidence and self-respect, and make you look more attractive to other people. 

But, how does kindness make you attractive to others? The research literature reveals that warmth and kindness happen to be the most desirable traits in all relationships. They are also regarded to be much more important compared to physical attractiveness when looking for a romantic partner. 

If you ask masters of love, they will surely tell you that love is kindness. Studies further reveal that attractiveness doesn’t help much when it comes to long-term and successful romantic relationships. It also suggests that people tend to fall more readily in love with kind people. The study also further indicates that kindness is the primary indicator for a long-term and successful relationship. 

There is some feasible explanation regarding the importance of traits like kindness. Researchers found out that for a relationship to flourish and thrive, both parties must be able to meet the emotional needs that are a basic human requirement with a style of interaction that involves generosity and kindness instead of disinterest and content. 

Keeping a close eye on the styles of interactions of couples has allowed psychologists to predict with almost complete accuracy if these couples will stay or not stay together. 

Now that you know that love is kindness, the next step is for you to learn how to be kind. Here are a few things that you can try to do:

  • To be sure that your future doesn’t continue to be influenced by your past experiences, you can practice tolerance and forgiveness not only towards other people but also to yourself for all the things that already happened in the bygone past. 
  • You can show random acts of kindness to people that you might or might not be connected to. 
  • You can give your time to others who might be less fortunate than you, probably through becoming a volunteer. 
  • You can express gratitude to the people who have also been kind to you. 

To be kind to other people doesn’t mean that you should be taken for granted, so you need to recognize that there are people who might not respect you, respond to you, or like you even if you show them as much kindness as you can. Also, being kind doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice or relent your own needs for the sake of other people’s needs. You can be assertive and kind at the same time because these traits are not mutually exclusive.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that when you are kind, you respect yourself, and you can take pride in your behavior. As you do so, you can also increase your attractiveness when you are positive and kind.