Types of Lies and Liars

Lies and liars are words that no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately, there are many liars in this world just as how there are also various types of lies. 

Types of Lies

Being familiar with the different types of lies will help you recognize a problem right away:

1. Bold-Faced Lie 

With a bold-faced lie, a person tells something that others know to be a lie. This is like telling a kid that chocolate is bad when you are eating one yourself. 

2. Broken Promises 

A broken promise is failing to keep a spoken promise or commitment. These lies become more damaging when the person who promised something didn’t plan to keep their word in the first place. 

3. Lie of Fabrication

This type of lie is telling other people things that you are not sure to be true. These lies can be very damaging if they end up ruining a person’s reputation because of rumors. 

4. Lies of Deception 

Deceivers try to create an impression that can mislead other people by creating a false impression or not telling all facts. 

5. Lying in Exaggeration

When you exaggerate, you enhance the truth by sprinkling it with some lies. A person who exaggerates often combines untruths and truths to seem impressive to other people. 

6. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act of lying and stealing at the same time. This involves copying the work of someone else and claiming it to be your own. 

7. White Lies

White lies are sometimes considered the least serious out of all lies. Sadly, many little white lies can lead to conflict as those people who tell them can appear less credible. 

Types of Liars 

After knowing the different types of lies, it is time to be familiar with the different types of liars out there:

1. Compulsive Liars

These people lie when there is no need for them to even if it makes more sense to tell the truth than to lie. Compulsive liars are addicted to lying and it is simply hard for them to stop. 

2. Frequent Liars

Frequent liars go about their lives lying in every step of the way. These people don’t even try to cover their tracks or make sure their lies make sense. Everyone knows these people are lying since they are sloppy with their lies. 

3. Occasional Liars 

An occasional liar seldom lies. However, once they do, they feel guilty for their actions. These people are those who ask for forgiveness right away from the person they lied to. 

4. Smooth Liars 

Smooth liars are exactly how their description sounds. These are the people who have already become very skilled and smooth at telling lies. They are so good that most of the time, you cannot even tell that they are lying. 

While lies and liars are everywhere around you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can fall prey to their predatory actions and habits. Remember these different types of lies and liars to keep yourself out of trouble.