10 Ways to Spot a Misogynist

Nothing is worse than marrying your Prince Charming only to find out that he is actually the evil witch. He is all nice and caring for you when you are in public but he transforms into a cruel abuser at home. 

Men of this kind are described as misogynists. They are men who hate women. They feel like they should control their partners instead of vying for their admiration or affirmation. They depend on their partners but they also harbor hatred of women at the same time. 

Misogynistic Definition 

Misogynist is a word whose literal meaning is hatred of women. Despite their claims of loving their wives, their actions show exactly the opposite. They may seem charming and kind outside but they have a double life at the house. They act loving and kind sometimes but abusive and disrespectful most of the time.  

Below are 10 ways to spot a misogynist so you can save yourself from one before it is too late:

1. He makes comments about women being weak, incapable, or stupid. A misogynist can make such comments indirectly, directly, or as jokes. They love to listen to discussions or watch shows that degrade women. 

2. As time goes by, a misogynist will start revealing his Jekyll and Hyde personality. He might shift quickly from being rude to irresistible and from being irresistible to rude.

3. He uses the church doctrine and the Bible for justifying his actions. He immediately leaves out the model of servant leadership for husbands and just focuses on a wife’s duties. He also adds punishment as part of his husband role even if the scriptures don’t endow him with this control or authority. 

4. He expresses downright anger or distaste towards female leaders and politicians. A misogynist might suggest that these women only reached where they are because of their appearance or they slept with men. 

5. He will identify a particular woman then make her his target. The woman’s natural defenses might be down because he is initially fun, charismatic, exciting, and flirtatious. 

6. He believes that the feelings and opinions of women hold no value and their needs shouldn’t be considered and are not important. 

7. He doesn’t like or support you making decent money or working. A misogynist will feel offensive, distant, grumpy, and annoyed about the money that a woman earns. He is also not interested in the things that his partner saves for and doesn’t value things that their partner paid for. 

8. He is very competitive, particularly with women. Whenever a woman does much better than him either at work or in social circles, a misogynist feels terrible. If another man does better, his feelings are often mixed but he can have an objective perspective of the situation. 

9. He sulks, yells, threatens, or hits if he doesn’t get his way or if his partner does something that displeases him. 

10. He always puts you down pretty much about anything, including your skills, interests, talents, appearance, accent, ideas, opinions, studies, hobbies, opinions, friends, and family. He does this because he is weak and wants you to feel weak, too. A misogynist cannot stand it if a woman is independent. 

Take note of these ways of spotting a misogynist easily and stay away from one as much as possible.