What Are Creative Kids Vouchers & Where Can You Use Them?

Have you heard of the Creative Kids Vouchers? If you have a creative kid, these vouchers might be just what they need!

What are Creative Kids Vouchers?

This is the exciting initiative of the NSW Government to help kids acquire new skills, discover their passion, and unleash their creativity to the fullest.

Thanks to this voucher, NSW families will receive a subsidy worth $100 for them to participate in workshops and lessons while saving their parents from the additional financial burden.

Where to Use Creative Kids Vouchers?

Here are some of the best programs that accept Creative Kids Vouchers to let your children’s imagination run wild!

·      Amazing Annoyatron

Children can master more than 20 cool and unique creations with Amazing Annoyatron’s hands-on Creative Kids Coding Experience. Their time will be spent well developing their STEM skills. They will also learn about coding and electronics.

There are also four live stream coding events and additional projects for free. Here, the creator of Annoyatron will give a walkthrough of some of the exciting inventions made by kids themselves. There is also a question-and-answer session and is inclusive of free shipping.

·      ATYP or Australian Theatre for Young People

ATYP or Australian Theatre for Young People is here to fill up your kids’ free time with an excellent variety of online workshops that are meant to engage performers regardless of their age. As you might already know, ATYP loves drama, comedy, and acting.

Their workshops are meant to engage and encourage young participants from Kindergarten up to Year 12. This is where children can expect to learn how to perform, boost their confidence, and have lots of fun.

·      Brilliant Minds

Does your kid have a talent for storytelling? If yes, now might be the best time to hone their skills through the Brilliant Minds’ Creative Kids Package. Creative writing is the specialty of Brilliant Minds and they offer a variety of kits that will spur their imagination.

Every kit comes with an interactive live 90-minute lesson over Zoom with a highly competent educator as the host. The good news is that all of these are free complete with free delivery with the Creative Kids Voucher.

You can also choose from the Creative Writing Kits especially tailored to each age group, including the Upper Years, the Middle Years, and the Junior Years. With these kits, students will discover more about creative writing, learn an artistic piece, and illustrate and write an original work of their own.

The kit that will be delivered to your home will include stationery essentials such as a whiteboard complete with a marker, pens, pencils, pastels, crayons, erasers, glue, a set of watercolor paint, and everything else your kid will need to embark on the creative process.

A limited Roald Dahl Creative Kit is also included for the quirky author’s fans with an Ultimate Slime and Drawing Kit for the tactile learners out there.

·      Craft Kids

C raft Kids Introduction to Craft Box offers a range of interactive and fun craft activities all included in a single box to inspire the big imaginations of young minds out there.

This colorful program also comes with easy instructions with photos to serve as the guide of your child every step of the way, and improve their coordination, development, and fine motor skills.

Some of the included craft activities include slime making, canvas art, mosaics, scratch art, sand art, mug painting, canvas art, plaster painting, kaleidoscope making, and Emoji drum. You can use the Creative Kids Vouchers to buy the online live lessons and craft boxes for your kid.

·      Creative Vouchers

Minimilestones’ Creative Vouchers is the approved Creative Kids Provider by the NSW Government that offers free and fast delivery of a selection of sensibly curated creative kits that include Visual and Sensory Arts, STEM, Costume and Pretend Play, etc.

Since creativity is critical to the development of a child, Creative Vouchers offers specifically include creative activities that foster imagination and curiosity in kids to help them in expressing themselves in an artistic and colorful way. Your child will enjoy long hours fully immersed in making their own works of art.

Considered as among the best providers that offer value for money in NSW, you can use the Creative Kids Voucher to get all the kits for free that also come with the interactive lesson online.

·      Parramatta Actors Centre

The online classes at Parramatta Actors Centre can help your kids hone their confidence and develop a variety of fun skills at the same time.

Actor Nisrine Amine co-founded PAC which offers a great way for kids to discover the exciting world of screen and stage.

It also provides industry-specific classes in camera acting and audition techniques for young actors who aspire to make a career out of their hobby in the future.

PAC is basically a one-stop shop for everything that has something to do with acting and hosts 10-week online acting classes for teens and kids via Zoom.

·      Startup Business Education

Did your child share an amazing business idea with you? Do they love to invent things and develop original solutions to common problems? If yes, then, this is the best program for your budding entrepreneur.

Startup Business Education offers an epic self-paced six-module online program of Brilliant Business Kids. This course takes your child through developing his idea, planning a business strategy, presenting, pitching, and more. If you use your Creative Kids Vouchers, you will be able to save around $100 off its price tag.

Use Creative Kids Vouchers today and watch your kids learn more and discover new things without blowing your budget!

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