What Does Misogyny Look Like?

Many of you have probably already heard of misogyny – whether through conversation with other people or through social media.

But, how sure are you that you know its true meaning? And what does it really look like?

What is Misogyny?

Misogyny comes from the Greek word miso that means to hate and gyne that means woman. The literal translation of misogyny is “woman hater.”

Misogyny continues to exist even in the modern era of changing gender roles and equal rights. Often used for describing males who hate females, misogynists don’t usually have a solid relationship.

What does misogyny look like, then? How can you tell if a man is actually a misogynist?

Misogynists Blames Women All the Time

Misogynists blame women for all the things that go wrong in their lives and in their relationships. Oftentimes, a misogynist will blame his wife if he didn’t get that much coveted promotion just because his shirt wasn’t pressed well prior to the interview.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he wife did it – what matters here is his incessant and unfair blaming. Women who are in a relationship with a misogynist constantly walk on eggshells and apologize for everything.

If you are always being blamed for anything and everything, you might want to evaluate whether or not you should stay with such a man.

Misogynists Classify Women as Sinners and Saints

Also known as the virgin/whore complex, misogynists classify all ladies as either sinners or saints. One of the most common traits among misogynists is labeling a woman as either bad or good and treating her accordingly.

Misogynists usually showcase their tendencies towards hating women through trying to reduce or eliminate the number of ladies in their lives. He probably wants to be with you – yet it doesn’t mean that he will also want to share you with your friends.

Although it seems strange for misogynists to be in a relationship in the first place, they can still have a deep connection with women. After all, they are still men and are human – therefore have physical and emotional needs.

But, even if he sleeps with you, he might still not consider you as his equal. He may seem charming but he still believes you are beneath him. For him, he is entitled to the relationship and you are only a sexual object.

Misogynists are Control Freaks

Misogynists also believe that the relationship is under their control and they can dictate everything from your hair style, to the clothes you wear, the movies you watch, and more. They usually start with gentle teasing, followed with cajoling before they slowly move to ridicule and insults so you will change your appearance or behavior.

When you are in a relationship with a control freak, there is no other choice left for you but to give up on your personal activities, experiences, and even your friends. This will then go deeper into your feelings and thoughts until you become emotionally micromanaged.

Misogynists Can Be Very Charming

You might find it hard to leave the relationship depending on how long you have been with a misogynist. It may seem like he truly cares about you on the surface. If you tell him you want to break up, he might feign surprise or shed some tears.

Misogynists have this ability of turning off their charm on and off just like a switch. He might whisk you off to a second honeymoon or a romantic getaway or bring you flowers and chocolates. He may even change his behavior for long enough just so you will believe that he has really changed.

What you don’t realize is that these outpourings of affection and love are nothing but superficial and temporary.

Misogynists Use Affection as Weapon Against Women

Does your man punish you through withholding approval, love, money, or intimacy just because you did something he finds offensive?

It is one of the biggest warning signs of misogyny and finding a way out of the relationship is something you should do as soon as possible. Misogynists sometimes use affection as a weapon against women just to teach them lessons or put them in their right place.

Every time you do something that upsets them or you behave differently from what they want, misogynists will give you a silent treatment, pouting like a petulant child.

They may also refuse to do something they already agreed to do, withdraw from intimacy, and not give you access to money until the time comes that he feels you have repented enough. Misogynists don’t care about what you have to say. They may listen yet still have a persuasive statement under their sleeve. 

Misogyny is one of those inherent traits deeply ingrained in a man’s psyche. Never let a misogynist control you or change you. You are who you are, and you are in full control of who you want to be. 

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