What is Social Health?

Many things can contribute and affect your health as a whole and these include the relationships you have with the people around you. Today, you will learn more about social health as well as its importance. 

Social Health

When we speak of social health, is often defined as a person’s ability to establish meaningful relationships with others and interact in positive and healthy ways. How you connect with those around you, feelings of a sense of belonging, and how you can adapt to various social situations all play a role in your overall social health.

Why Does Social Health Matter?

Social health is considered important enough – with the World Health Organization even including it in how they define health. According to WHO, health refers to the state of total physical, social, and mental wellbeing and not just the lack of infirmity or disease. This is because having more meaningful relationships with others can help lower stress levels and create a better sense of security that encourages good emotional health.

Studies also revealed that social health can affect your physical health. People who don’t have a lot of social involvement have higher risks of suffering from drastic health issues compared to those who are more socially involved. It is said that the supportive social ties might trigger physiological effects such as lower stress hormones, heart rate, and blood pressure that can benefit your health as a whole. Therefore, it is a must to think of your social health as an important aspect of your wellbeing.

How to Improve Your Social Health

The following are some tips you can try when you feel like your social health can use an extra boost:

  • Take small steps at first. If you feel nervous and anxious every time you try to become social, you can start with practicing your social skills with those people you already know so you can build your confidence. 
  • Go out and meet new people.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Tweaking your personality just so you can make new friends will just make things too tiring and will be useless in the end. You already got many things to offer as a person so always be yourself while you work to improve your social life.   
  • Look for people who have the same interests as you. For instance, if you love to read, why not sign up for a book club or join a writing class in your area? If you are a runner, see if there is someone willing to be your running partner. If you have an artistic side, search for other artists. Since you already share something in common, you will find it easier to establish a connection right from the get-go.
  • Focus not on quantity but on quality. While it is wonderful to have lots of friends, don’t forget that it is most valuable to have positive and meaningful relationships.
  • Choose friends who will cheer you on to making healthier choices. Being surrounded with people who wish for your success can help you achieve your goals.

There is a big role that social health plays in your general wellbeing. Start building it today!