Why Is Developing Social Awareness Important?

As our world is changing, so are we. All the time, we are forced to acquire new skills to adapt to this new world, and to the society we are living in. However, one of the most important skills we need to develop and improve is social awareness. 

Social awareness could be defined as the capability to understand and respond to a certain social situation in an appropriate way, but also the ability to understand and properly communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This skill is important because we are in constant contact with different people, and if we understand their background and culture, we will be able to make them feel more comfortable around us, and build a healthy relationship, whether professional or personal, with them.

Importance of social awareness

Developing social awareness has many advantages, not just the one mentioned above. Many types of research showed that social awareness is a skill that is crucial to college and career preparedness. Hence, it helps children’s development, becoming a better person or colleague.  

As mentioned, social awareness is an important element of a child’s education. It allows them to understand other people’s perspectives and possibly their needs. It is proved that students who are socially aware are often more communicative, and they have a developed a sense of empathy. Not only that, but they are also less likely to behave violently, and are more successful in school. Hence, it is important to teach children from a very young age as to how to be socially aware.

Adults should also constantly work on improving their social awareness skills because if we try to understand how our emotions and actions affect others, we will be more aware of our words and actions. One simple example of the importance of social awareness can be observed in the LGBTQ+ community’s, or black communities that fight for their rights. Instead of just ignoring it, or saying that they have the same rights as everyone else, try to understand their position in society, empathize with them, and then find ways to help them. 

Another great example of just how much social awareness is important can be observed in the situation of today’s pandemic. Many people are refusing to wear a mask or keep a social distance, not realizing that this type of behavior can have serious consequences for their and other people’s health. However, if they were socially aware, they would follow these simple steps which are helping in keeping everyone safe.

Although social awareness is an important for that needs to be taught and learned from a young age, adults can and should also work towards improving it. If we consider the definition of social awareness, we will realize how important it is to have it in today’s world, as it teaches us to be more responsible and understandable towards others.

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