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Sintelly is more than just an application; it's a sanctuary for the mind and a stepping stone towards a more serene state of being. We are a team dedicated to empowering you through innovative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods, personalized content delivery, and a deep understanding of the unique journey that is mental health.

April 2017
Foundational Roots
From a small seed of innovation, Sintelly has grown into a towering tree of support for many across the globe. Our journey began in 2017 when we established UP Studio Ltd., a company that provided services to various clients, building the capacity and capital needed to eventually focus on our product development.
April 2017
August 2017
Global Connection
In 2017, we launched the “Emotional Intelligence” app, a global educational platform with social networking features that connected users from the USA to India, the UK to Australia, and across Europe. The platform offered expertly written articles, quizzes for knowledge testing, and a forum for discussions among users about various topics, paving the way for a community of engaged learners.
August 2017
September, 2019
Transformation and Innovation
The year 2019 marked a significant milestone, as we leveraged funding to upgrade and adapt the existing "Emotional Intelligence" mobile app into the educational platform "Sintelly." This transformation led to the release of three innovative products: two mobile applications for Android and iOS and a progressive web application.
September, 2019
January 2020
Elevating Sintelly
By 2020, we were ready to take the next leap. We increased our capital and rebranded to Sintelly Ltd., continually improving our application. This year also saw the introduction of the Premium version, beginning our journey into monetization and offering more value to our users.
January 2020
July 2022
Therapeutic Evolution
Embracing our vision in 2022, we embarked on developing a new version of the app, focusing on structured cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This groundbreaking innovation aimed to offer users a measurable and personalized therapeutic experience through our digital platform.
July 2022
May 2023
Strategic Horizons
The year 2023 brought a change in our company's ownership structure. The assembly, now composed of ALFATEC Group Ltd. and a private investor, infused fresh capital and strategic vision, deciding to invest additional resources to support our growth and innovation.
May 2023
January 2024
Milestone Achievement
Fast forward to 2024, the Sintelly mobile app has achieved over 1.2 million downloads with an impressive average rating of 4.5. Our commitment to improving mental health care has never wavered, and with each download, we're helping someone step forward into a brighter, more balanced future.
January 2024
Beyond Boundaries
The Sintelly story is far from over. We continue to innovate, expand, and provide an ever-evolving sanctuary for mental health to our growing community.

Our Mission and Values

At Sintelly, we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to mental health care. Our mission is to create a world where support and guidance are readily accessible for anyone struggling with mental health challenges. We strive to offer a space where users can understand and manage their mental health with the help of AI-driven CBT, fostering personal growth and emotional resilience.

Our values are woven into the very fabric of our application, with empathy and understanding at the core. We are steadfast in our commitment to support and guide our users on their mental health journey. Our dedication to innovation and excellence means we are always exploring new frontiers in technology and therapy to offer top-tier care. We uphold the belief that mental health care is a universal right, which is why we strive to make our resources accessible and inclusive for everyone, irrespective of their background or location.

Above all, we understand the importance of privacy and trust, ensuring that all interactions and data within Sintelly are handled with the utmost security, confidentiality, and respect.

Meet our team

Ive B.

Founder & CEO

As the team's Director and Machine Learning Researcher, Ive is crafting AI solutions, blending theoretical expertise with practical applications. Pursuing a PhD, he guides the team with vision and clarity.

Ivana Š.

Product Manager

Ivana innovates in mental health and well-being, leading Sintelly's product development. Her work, rooted in psychology, aims to enhance users' mental and physical health through balanced lifestyle tools.

Lucija S.


Lucija, a Psychologist and CBT therapist with a military background, applies her professional insights to foster mental well-being, enjoying nature and camping with her golden retriever.

Marin B.

Senior Developer

Marin, our Senior Developer and heavy music enthusiast, channels the energy of metal into his coding. A devoted family man, his unique passion and dedication enrich our team's dynamic.

Šime K.

Senior Developer

Šime, a Senior Developer, finds harmony in simplicity and sports. He focuses on crafting simple, effective code and believes in the quiet concentration's power to solve complex problems.

Dario S.


Dario, a developer with a master's in Computer Engineering, specializes in software development. His expertise and passion for a balanced life, highlighted by his love for good food, drive his professional excellence.

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Sintelly cherishes the authentic voices and stories of our users. The personal journeys and reflections of our users are the truest measure of our impact. Dive into the collective narrative of transformation and growth from those who have walked alongside us.

Sintelly made me feel supported, accepted, and not judged. The app is gentle but informative, and I now have more hope for myself. Thanks.


It really knows how to distract me from my negative and anxious, depressive thoughts and encourages me. I personally really like the app.


I love this app! It helps so much with anxiety and the chat, oh I love it! It is so accurate and helpful. Highly recommend this app.


I absolutely love this app. It literally is my pocket therapist, and it helps me get through in-between sessions with my real therapist.


I love it, it truly is life-changing, helping you in the chosen areas of life. I recommend from the people that want to better their life in general, to people that need help in a specific area of life.


If you're struggling in any way, the Sintelly CBT Therapy app is a wonderful way to keep on top of issues with a virtual friend who is always there for you. I'm so pleased I found this app.


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