How Does Art Education Help to Think Differently?

There are few things that make humans different from any other living being; the ability to talk, think, and express themselves through art. Even the Neanderthals painted the insides of their caves, describing their everyday life and customs. Over the … Read More

The Relationship between Art and Philosophy

Art, in its widest meaning, refers to all thing that evolved in the social species and attract attention. It may sound vague but this is the only general definition that can cover all those things that can be considered art, … Read More

The Rise of Digital Art

Art in a digital form is not a novelty, but it’s only in the past decade that it started generating significant attention. Digital art encompasses every artwork created with the use of digital technology. Because of this, and the recent … Read More

Creative Industries: Art or Not

Creative industries, which are also known as cultural industries, relate to a variety of economic enterprises that involve the production, the creation, and the distribution of knowledge, information, services, and goods that are of some cultural value. Advertising, design, film, … Read More

The Art of Disgusting

Disgust, an aversion triggered by something highly distasteful, is a basic emotion universally experienced in all cultures. It is no surprise, therefore, that art that mandates an enjoyer’s response of disgust exists nearly as long as art itself. However, it … Read More

Modern Art Movements

According to The Art Story, there are more than a hundred modern art movements. [1] For that reason, it would be rather redundant to talk about each of them. Therefore, we shall discuss several modern art movements which were the … Read More