Coping with eco-anxiety involves different strategies

Coping with Eco-Anxiety: Strategies for Managing Environmental Stress and Taking Positive Action

Eco-anxiety is a growing concern in today’s world, with individuals grappling with the psychological impact of environmental challenges. In this article, we will define eco-anxiety, discuss its prevalence, and the importance of addressing it. Coping with eco-anxiety involves different strategies, … Read More

Balancing Carrying Capacity and Human Relations: Achieving Sustainability in a Changing World

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Top 10 Countries with The Most Natural Resources (2022)

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10 Ways Humans Impact the Environment

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How does geography affect the way we live?

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Are Natural Disasters Becoming Our New Reality?

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Ecological Impacts of Technology

Thanks to technological development that occurred in the past few decades, we live in the age of rapid change and constant circulation of goods that – with every new day – continue to revolutionize our way of life.  But, despite … Read More

The Concept of Creative Ecology

At times, life can seem like a perfectly tuned clock, with every gear rotating in its way, yet still in perfect harmony with others. Well, the human ecosocial systems theory holds a similar view of our everyday social environment. But … Read More

What is Media Ecology?

Over the past few decades, the phrase media ecology has become a prominent reference point in media studies. Roughly, it relates to the theoretical framework that deals with the multifaceted relationship between media and society.  Moreover, media ecology theory is … Read More

Environmental Psychology Can Create a Better World

Our psychological well-being is closely and inescapably linked with the environments we live in. The desire to get away from stressors connected to our urban lifestyles is a noteworthy motivation for pursuing nature experiences. Many people feel pain on witnessing … Read More