What Does It Mean to Understand Music?

To understand music is to understand the intention of a particular piece of music – from the author and towards the listener – in which one can gain an emotional or even spiritual experience. Music theory serves as the key … Read More

The Geography of Music Preferences

When listening to the music played on the TV, radio, or in clubs, it seems as if the whole world listens to the same ten songs. However, music preferences vary significantly both on the micro and macro level.  On the … Read More

Music Influence on Personality, Behaviour, and Style

Music is a fundamental part of life, and its expression can be found in every past or modern culture. We are exposed to music from the earliest age through different lullabies or nursery rhymes. And as we grow up, we … Read More

Music Creation – Using Emotional Intelligence to Write Songs that Resonate

Have you ever wondered what sets musical legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran apart? Beyond their mesmerizing vocal prowess, these artists share an exceptional ability: they are masterful songwriters. These luminaries not only grace the stage … Read More