Life Skliis

Future skills requirements and future job skills in demand are crucial for workplace development.

Mapping Future Job Skills: Requirements and In-Demand Proficiencies

In an ever-evolving job market, staying ahead of the curve requires a keen understanding of the future skills requirements and the in-demand proficiencies across various industries. From science and technology to sustainability and environmental management, this article explores the essential … Read More

The Wheel of Wellness 7 Dimensions

Navigating the 7 Dimensions of Wellness for a Balanced Life

In our fast-paced world, achieving wellness has become a cornerstone for those seeking a fulfilling and harmonious life. Picture a wheel divided into seven slices, each representing a unique dimension of wellness. This article explores these dimensions, offering insights, practical … Read More

Navigating the Consumer Price Index: How It Shapes Our Financial Well-Being

Understanding the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is vital in today’s intricate economic landscape, as it profoundly influences our financial well-being. The CPI, a widely recognized inflation gauge, has far-reaching effects that extend beyond numbers and statistics. This article unravels the … Read More

10 Life Skills Not Taught in School

Most schools today tend to focus on theoretical knowledge alone without necessarily honing their students into well-rounded individuals. Now more than ever, students should learn skills that are beyond those that are taught within the four walls of a classroom. … Read More

Motivation Through Equity, Expectancy & Goal Setting

Employees who feel that they are getting a fair payment for the efforts they make, are more likely to find a sense of satisfaction and stay motivated in their job or position. This concept is known as equity theory which … Read More

Improve Your Communication: Enhancing Listening Skills Through the Power of Meditation

In the realm of personal development, the art of meditation shines as a transformative practice that can truly redefine the way you engage with the world. By fostering tranquility, self-awareness, and honing concentration, meditation becomes a cornerstone for growth. However, … Read More

Ways to Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Once you enroll at a college or a university, writing an essay seems like a piece of cake, right? Well, if you’re skilled with words and you know the ABCs of style it requires and how to abstract and support … Read More

The Importance and Development of Decision-making and Problem-solving Skills

Decision making and problem solving go hand in hand. To solve a problem, you usually need to make a decision. The main difference between the two is that problem solving is a process, and decision making is an action built … Read More

Knowledge is Power: Unveiling the Transformative Fusion of Understanding and Application

In a world where information flows ceaselessly, a timeless adage resonates: “Knowledge is power.” This age-old wisdom has been championed by luminaries like Francis Bacon and echoed by historical figures such as Takeda Shingen, who delved deeper to convey that … Read More

Being Worldly-Wise: Navigating Life’s Path with Discernment and Experience

Wisdom, an invaluable facet of one’s personality, radiates a sense of serenity, garnered experience, and groundedness. Amid the tapestry of life skills, the art of being worldly-wise emerges as not just a trait, but a necessity. Defining the Worldly-Wise In … Read More