Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence

Could it be that in today’s data-driven society, intuition has a vital role in intelligent action? Well, if you ask Gerd Gigerenzer, the director at the Max Plank Institute for Human Development, the answer is – yes!

This German psychologist with over 40 years of professional experience behind him suggests that authentic intuitiveness pertains to our capacity to understand and separate the relevant information from the unimportant.

So, how does intuition fall within the realm of intelligence? 

Intuition and Action

Gigerenzer suggests that intuition can be seen as a form of intelligence, though, not by itself. Intuition without action is nothing more than a private thought. For example, you have probably been in a situation where you thought, I should have listened to my gut; I knew that was the right answer.

Well, the reality is, situations like these are proof of how our intuition is often quicker than our conscious mind. So, as Gigerenzer states, our first instinct should always be put to test, and more often than not, it will be correct. In such instances, intuition can be regarded as intelligence in its most genuine expression.  

Collective Intelligence

In some way, intuition can be viewed as an understanding and a manifestation of collective intelligence. The majority of websites today, for example, incorporate the so-called – intuitive design. This means they are organized so that most people can navigate and understand them easily; that is, by following their intuition.  

In other words, they make sense to the majority of people because they are based on a common understanding of how websites work. Thus, it is safe to say that collective intelligence is deeply rooted in our ability to act intuitively.  

Exercising Intuition

People who have an excellent sense of intuition are likely to be highly intelligent, assuming they are already intellectually curious, they pursue knowledge rigorously, and aren’t afraid to challenge their own opinions. 

In other words, if you trust your intuition, but you’re not doing much else, you’re not exercising that much intelligence. However, if you deep-dive into a specific subject, and examine various possibilities, you are training your intuition when your instinct tells you what’s relevant, and what isn’t.

As Gigerenzer states, intuition needs to be disciplined and exercised like a muscle. Every time you get a hunch, you should listen to it and see where it leads you. The more experience you get, the better your intuition will work.

Intelligent people always listen to their gut. And the smartest among us – the pioneers and leaders who push the boundaries of intellect – cannot do it without harnessing the exceptional power of intuition. 

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