Motivation, Methods, and Meaning

There are many faces of human desires, but there are also many faces of motivation. Wanting is what motivation is all about. People want a change in their thoughts, feelings, behavior, self-relationships, self-concept, and environment.

Motivation – What is It?

Motivation is an internal process. It doesn’t matter if you define it as a need or a drive since motivation is that condition inside you that desires changes either in yourself or your environment. The moment you manage to tap into this source of energy, motivation gives you the necessary direction and drive to engage with your environment in a problem-solving, open-ended and adaptive way. 

The main essence of motivation is persistent and energized behavior directed to your goals. When you are motivated, you take action and make a move. 

Methods of Motivation

Lack of motivation with no effective motivation strategies and methods can be very annoying, particularly when it hinders your goals and personality development. The lack of ambition is also often associated with procrastination. You never feel the need to do what you should do and would make you end up missing any incentive. 

Below are a few methods of motivation to help you stay on the right track:

1. Find your desire.

You can use your desire to improve and increase your self-motivation. Visualize all the positive effects and rewards resulting from your everyday efforts. Using your desire for achievement as a method of motivation can give you a surprising motivational boost. 

2. Say no to depression. 

You must do everything in your power to get rid of your negative feelings to ensure that you are always in a great mood. You can watch funny videos or movies to feel better. Laughing is also another effective tool out of all methods of motivation that can eliminate procrastination and boost your incentive. 

3. Discover your interest. 

Can you still remember how you hated math back in grade school that you cannot even motivate yourself to study it? The lack of motivation and incentive was the result of your disinterest in the subject. If you don’t like a particular task, you just need to think of the rewards you can get once you achieved the greater goal. 

4. Boost your energy. 

When you feel physically down and tired, chances are you wouldn’t be able to find any motivation. A common reason for such tiredness is nutrition based on sugar, fats, and excessive alcohol. Lack of enough sleep is another reason, too. You are the only one who can determine the reasons for this lack of energy and make the necessary changes to boost it. 

5. Split your goals. 

You can improve your motivation easily if you split your larger goals into sub-goals you can pursue one step at a time. You will instantly notice that boost of incentive once you achieved one subgoal after another until you reached your major goal with these methods of motivation. 

Motivation all depends on you. Now that you know what it is and what methods you can use, it is time for you to get started motivating yourself! 

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