Understanding the Emotional Frequency Chart Helps You Become a Better You

Did you know that every single person in this world vibrates at their personal vibration or a hertz frequency rate that is subtle and unnoticeable?

Yes, you’ve read that right. Everyone has a base metabolic rate (while at rest) yet the moment things start to happen in life and emotions are engaged, a rapid and dramatic change in this vibrational rate happens. This is why it is important to understand the emotional frequency chart since it can help you become a better you.

From the time you are born, your emotions are already engaged and your mind begins to learn various defense mechanisms that are stored and imprinted deep within the recesses of the mind.

As you move through different life experiences, most of your reactions turn automatic, sometimes negative, with emotional reactions becoming learned habits. Your personal behavior becomes uncontrollable.

In today’s society, people aren’t taught important life skills, not in schools, or at home. We need to understand how to look at the different life experiences correctly and separately, how you can learn from these experiences, how to process them and then set your negative emotions free. Also, we don’t learn how to do all of these with no emotional blocks that inhibit our choices for how we behave. Sometimes, we miss out on activities we would love to participate in but fail to do so because of the fears we feel.

Emotional Frequency Chart Vibration Analysis and Emotions

The negative emotions we feel get stored. We are programmed and work fine until the program gets dissolved and a new one replaces it. Once we become adults, we already have a lot of unresolved experiences to the point that most of our responses become automatically negative.

These are then responsible for events with the not so good results that only reinforce our initial learning from the past. It leaves us caught amidst a negative cycle of emotional events that are usually based on past memories that have long been forgotten.

Once we get into the negative cycle, the negative events together with their resulting off-putting emotional reactions increase in frequency. This is a natural occurrence of life lessons that are triggered to continue to give us more chances at seeing the patterns, process, and dissolve them with the use of vibration analysis.

The reactions triggering negative interactions can include the following:

  • Feelings that you are the victim
  • Judgment of other people
  • Comparing yourself to other people
  • Perceptions that everyone is not equal

Emotional Frequency Chart Vibration Analysis for an Updated Version of Yourself

It is crucial to break negative cycles to raise your own emotional state in order for you to experience emotions with higher frequency vibrations including acceptance, joy, and love. This starts through reaching a decision and using our own will of no longer wanting to behave this way anymore.

We will then embark on a journey of searching for techniques, information, and tools so that we can begin breaking off the frequency of lower emotional reactions. It involves opting to act as much as possible from love, and praising ourselves every time we manage to overcome demanding situations in a much higher state of emotions. Being able to scrutinize ourselves will then become a helpful tool and a useful habit.

The positive behavior we develop will also help increase the frequency of other people involved. Remember that our goal here is to live our life from a place of love as much as possible. We should always ask ourselves what love we choose before we make a decision.

The emotional frequency chart shows the hertz frequency rate of vibrational analysis of the array of higher emotions to those lower ones. Once the rate vibration analysis goes lower, the extent of consciousness as well as the ability of dealing with situations or things in a positive way is reduced. It then limits our discernment of the thin reaction band. 

As we find ourselves caught in the lower vibrational frequencies in the emotional frequency chart, it might seem difficult to overcome things. But, in this modern world, we can consider ourselves lucky that nowadays there are plenty of tools, information, and therapies available at our disposal which are powerful enough to help us out.

Being determined enough to keep a close eye on ourselves to see how we will react to situations can empower us to greatly improve our experiences in life. Through this, we will be able to live our life in a state that is much happier than we used to before.

This also means we need to look at the reason why we reacted and felt that way – without prejudice. Doing so can help us get rid of negative emotional attachments that we used to have to events that happened in the past.

With the help of the emotional frequency chart, we can come to the point when we live in a higher vibrational state of emotions. This will then dramatically improve the interactions we have with other people. More options will appear, more opportunities will come, and we will become happier than ever before.