What Is an Individuality Complex?

Simply put, there is no such thing as an individuality complex. It is a non-issue mainly because a complex, as far as psychology is concerned, indicates a form of an anomaly. In order for individuality to be a complex, it must have something else besides individuality itself.

Some claim that an individuality complex is an individual’s constant attempt to resist conformity, to the point where he/she can make drastic or dangerous decisions just to avoid being like everyone else.

Individuality Defined

Individuality refers to the collection of qualities that sets a person apart from others. Generally speaking, individuality is something that is different from other similar things. The concept of individuality can also include a person’s genetic composition in biological terms. 

It is said that an individual is someone who has their own desires and needs and often their own responsibilities and rights as well. 

Theories of the Individual

“Individual” as a concept and a word is used mainly to refer to different states in physics or statistical values that were indivisible or a thing of one.

The idea describing an individual as a unique person who possesses specific quality only saw a widespread traction in the West following the 17th and 18th centuries’ Enlightenment.  

The individuality concept, the understanding of which is a big part of today’s western world, owes a lot to philosophers including Ayn Rand, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, John Locke, and Søren Kierkegaard. All of them expounded and debated one another’s thoughts regarding enlightenment in the decades and centuries that followed.

However, the truth is that there are numerous theories of individuality and the individual from various parts of the world and periods in history. The most important theories include Empiricism, Buddhism, and Objectivism. 

Individualism vs. Individuality

The following is a brief overview of the difference between individualism and individuality:

  • Individualism is a political philosophy or ideology supporting autonomy of individuals and the concept of a person’s individuality is seen as desirable or important.  
  • Individuality of a person is all the qualities which make them separate and individual from others. These can include things such as their desires, goals, rights, and beliefs.

A simple way to think of the difference of these two is that while all humans have some sense of individuality, not all humans exist in a culture or society that promotes individualism.

Loss of Individuality and How to Cope with It

A perceived or real loss of individuality, which some people call an individuality complex, may make it difficult to function in society. There are all sorts of outcomes that may occur once a person loses the sense of value in his or her own individuality. These can include:

  • Low desire to reach their fullest potential
  • Low self-esteem
  • Few short and long-term dreams or goals or the loss of passion to make them happen

Modern life’s constant bombardment and hectic pace can make it too easy to feel as if you are nothing but a mere cog in a large machine that doesn’t really pay attention to your personal needs and desires.

For many people who go through this kind of an individuality crises, a good stop-gap solution is usually a vacation. When you feel like you’re losing control or have lost your true self in the constant rush of today’s world – press pause. Most things can wait, but your health and wellbeing can’t. 

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