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Do Serial Killers Have High IQs?

Diabolical geniuses – this is how books, TV shows, and movies have been depicting serial killers for many years now. But the million-dollar question is, do serial killers really have high IQs? Sure, serial killers with above-average intelligence exist(ed), but … Read More

Astrology: Understanding Your Big Three

You might be aware of your sun sign. However, for some reason, you don’t really feel like it. You might have also read about astrologers claiming that you are more than what your sun sign is. But, what does this … Read More

Hidden Messages in Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

The whole world is very much familiar with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll as it has great influences on literature, cinema, and even psychology. While it seems that the novel caters to innocent kids, many people have been engaged … Read More

8 Most Shocking Modern Technology Inventions Majority of People Still aren’t Aware Of

There are some modern technology inventions that probably sounded too strange on paper the first time they were coined but became more plausible with the passing of time and were finally brought to life in the recent years. Many of … Read More

The Role of Mass Media in The Hunger Games Series

The Hunger Games series is a popular, dystopian young adult book trilogy, written by an American novelist Suzanne Collins, which has had a strong impact on both teenagers and adults. However, one of the main themes, which at first you … Read More

Enclothed Cognition: Do The Clothes Make The Person?

Whether you’ve dressed up for an important interview or a date, we all know that clothing can have a significant effect on the way others perceive us. However, can the clothes we wear also affect our thoughts and self-perceptions? Embodied … Read More

The Handmaid’s Tale and the Creeping Threat of Extremism

Written by Margaret Atwood and published in 1985, The Handmaid’s Tale is a work of speculative fiction. It’s a dystopian “what if” narrative, set in the near future, in the Republic of Gilead, a fictional country rising within the former … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Family Travel?

In a world where families are living in individual tech worlds, travel could be the best way to bring families closer together. More and more families each year are taking adventurous, long-term trips with their children. Guided by a desire … Read More

Zara As an Example of Fast Fashion Industry

When it comes to high street fashion, there is only one name that we associate to it – Zara. This Spanish retailer approximately possesses 2100 shops in 88 countries worldwide, and what is the most fascinating fact, they have constructed … Read More

Fashion Through Mass Media and Social Networks

Speaking of fashion, especially in recent times, we always somehow collocate it to fashion magazines, glossies, and other exclusive newspapers whose central point of interest is fashion itself. Every fashion event such as fashion week or show is inevitably covered … Read More